Oct. 21st, 2008 12:47 pm
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Well, the waterfall in the kitchen has been contained, for (just) less than $500 dollars. Apparently, due to the age of the pipes (and the fact that we'd been using Draino on them to clear clogging) the pipes were going to go at some point, and they just happened to go yesterday morning.

Unfortunately, we were also informed that we're going to have to replace our hot water heater. The guy quoted us a price of $960, which included the price of the new water heater (a better model than the Sears model that we currently have), the installation cost, and the cost to remove the old one. I have no idea if that's a good price or not. One of the things that I'm going to be doing today is looking at the cost of water heaters, and see if that seems like a reasonable price.

But I'd be elated if we could avoid having any other of our household appliances or systems break down for a while.

On lighter news (literally), as I was putting clothes back in the closet last night (the access panel for the tub plumbing is in the back of our bedroom closet), I decided to try on an old sports coat that I'd been wearing a lot around the time Alyse and I got married. I hadn't been able to wear it for a while, since I'd gained a lot of weight, but I've been losing weight over the last few months. And lo and behold, it fit! Might still be just a touch tight, but it's certainly within the realm of wearable. And I'm still working on losing weight, so it will certainly be wearable again.

It's not that I want to wear that sports coat a lot... But it's a physical confirmation of the fact that I AM losing weight, which is a really cool thing.
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Just got back from ferrying Rob and Dawn back to their apartment, and making sure that he got upstairs ok. He probably pushed himself a little too hard (shocking, I know!) going up the stairs, but he DID stop about halfway up to rest, so at least he didn't try to be some kind of iron man.

I got the call about 12:30 this afternoon to let me know that they were planning on releasing him early to mid afternoon. Wrapped up what I was working on at the client site that I was at, and headed up to Illinois Masonic to make sure that I was there when they let him go. Little did I suspect...

At about 2:30 pm, they took a "final" blood test and determined that his hemoglobin level was 9.5. They wanted it at least at 10 before they checked him out, so they decided to give him another transfusion before they let him go. So it's a good thing that he didn't need an emergency transfusion. The decision was made by 2:30, but they didn't actually get the IV hooked up until nearly 5, and the transfusion itself took until 6:30. At which point they needed to wait for an hour before checking his hemoglobin levels again. They came around to take the blood at 7:30, and told us that they should have the results back in about half an hour.

... Tick.
... Tock.
... ad infinitum.

Finally, about 8:30 we started asking about the results. Rob was clearly getting frustrated, since he'd hoped to be home in time for the weekly Monday Night Jam Session that he and Dawn always host at their place. Fortunately, someone was there to let people in, since we didn't get the results until 9:15pm. And then of course it took nearly an hour for them just to wrap up all the paperwork, get a wheelchair to roll Rob out of the building, and all that nonsense. Then home, take much care in getting him up the stairs safely, and I took off shortly thereafter, staying just long enough to see his breathing slow to a normal pace.

And then my own trek home. And now, my trek to bed. To sleep, perchance to relax and chill. Going to try and go into work a little late tomorrow, in the hopes of getting a decent night's sleep before I kill something due to lack of cope.
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He's still in SICU, and will remain there for (according to the person in the O.R. waiting room) approximately 24 hours. However, by the time we left this evening (about 9:30pm), he was much more awake and aware, and talking and interacting. He's all there, which is something I was worried about since the surgeon mentioned the possibility of a stroke having occurred during the surgery without their noticing. He's grumpy and in a lot of pain, but he was also very happy to have his family around him when he woke up. And he's still got his somewhat lecherous and twisted sense of humor, so I really do think that he's all there.

He'd been slowly waking up since about 5 or 5:30, and slowly pulling him off the respirator. As they got to the point where they were ready to take the ventilator tube out of his mouth/throat, they kicked all the family out, so that they could run some tests (at least some of which I suspect were cognative and neurological). We ran out and grabbed some dinner, then went back in to see him about 8:30, when he was fully awake, and while in a lot of pain, he was also very much there.

Sorry... I'm babbling. I'm coming up on 21 hours for today, so I'm going to go to sleep. I'm going in to work on Wednesday, but I've made arrangements to drive in and I'll go and visit him after hours, and post another update Wednesday night.

Thank you all for your good thoughts and support. I and my family, and especially Rob, all appreciate it.
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We just had an associate of the surgeon come out and let us know that the surgeon is closing rob up now, and will probably be out of O.R. in about an hour. She wouldn't answer any specific questions, but certainly gave us the impression that everything has gone well, at least up until now. They'll let us know more once he's actually out of the O.R. and into the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, where he will be watched for a while before moved into recovery.
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I picked up Rob & Dawn at 4:30 this morning and drove them to Illinois Masonic Hospital for Rob's surgery. We got there 1/2 an hour early, so Rob was one of the very first people on the list to check in for surgery today. They took him in and started getting him ready, then sent us off to the O.R. family waiting room. The original schedule had Rob going under the knife at 7am, but the surgeon came in at 8:15 or so and told us that they were running a little late, but that they'd get him in very soon, and that both procedures would take 5-6 hours or so, which was interesting since they'd originally quoted 6-8 hours. At 9:15, they called us in the waiting room and told us that they were just starting the sugery. So, he could be out anytime between 1pm and dinner time. Unfortunately, I don't expect them to give us any information between now and whenever they're done with him. I'll try and put in a further update as soon as I hear more.

He was in good spirits right up until the time they shoo'd us away, joking and making light. That could just be whistling in the dark, but before we checked him in, he'd said that he was somewhat surprised, but he was feeling pretty calm and blase about the whole thing. We've gotten lots of information from a number of sources that say that open heart surgery is all but routine these days, and Rob and Dawn were already told that they'll be kicking him out of the hospital within 4-6 days, so we're feeling pretty good about everything.

At least the hospital has free wireless connectivity.
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Ok, so my Dad called me last week, and told me that he needed to get a couple of arteries in his neck routed out. He had a similar procedure done to his legs a few years back. But first, he was going in for a stress test.

Went in for the stress test, and they found some stuff that made them go hmmm... And scheduled him for an angiogram, which was performed yesterday. Before he went in, he mentioned that they might also do a bit of angioplasty, to remove the blockage that they'd found. But, he told me that either he or my stepmother Dawn would call me back when he got out of the procedure, to let me know how it had gone.

This morning, I had the sudden realization that not only had the procedure been yesterday, rather than next Monday, I hadn't heard back from him. In addition, I realized that I'd had a moment of complete nothingness, and hadn't gotten any information about what hospital he was going to be in for the procedure. Called both his home and cell numbers, and coudln't get ahold of either him of Dawn (my stepmother). Left voicemail at both places, then started calling around to local hospitals to try and find him. Nobody had any idea who he was, and I started getting really scared. Started trying to get ahold of my stepsister to find out if she'd heard anything.

And then, just as I was sitting there trying to figure out what to do next, my cell phone starts ringing, and it's my dad, calling me back. He was at one of the hospitals that I'd already called, but apparently they had forgotten they had him or something. In any case, they'd kept him overnight, because the angioplasty that might have happened couldn't be done because the blockage was too big. They wanted to keep him overnight for observation, and until he could talk to his cardiologist. Who walked into his room as we were talking on the phone, so he told me he'd call back with more information.

He called back a bit later. Turns out that they're going to have to perform open heart surgery to fix the problem. They scheduled the surgery for Tuesday the 2nd of September, and they're letting him go right now. My stepmother and my aunt Janet are on their way to go get him right now, and as soon as I get out of work, I'm going to go stop by his place and see him for a bit.

And, I'll be taking Tuesday off to be at the hospital. I hate hospitals.

Gahhh!!! Oh, and just to add to the stress, we've got piles of people coming to our house on Sunday to help build a raised bed garden for Alyse's birthday... And the house isn't nearly ready for them. And Alyse and I scheduled to be at my Dad and Dawn's on Thursday night for dinner. GAHHHH!!!!!


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