Sep. 2nd, 2008

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I picked up Rob & Dawn at 4:30 this morning and drove them to Illinois Masonic Hospital for Rob's surgery. We got there 1/2 an hour early, so Rob was one of the very first people on the list to check in for surgery today. They took him in and started getting him ready, then sent us off to the O.R. family waiting room. The original schedule had Rob going under the knife at 7am, but the surgeon came in at 8:15 or so and told us that they were running a little late, but that they'd get him in very soon, and that both procedures would take 5-6 hours or so, which was interesting since they'd originally quoted 6-8 hours. At 9:15, they called us in the waiting room and told us that they were just starting the sugery. So, he could be out anytime between 1pm and dinner time. Unfortunately, I don't expect them to give us any information between now and whenever they're done with him. I'll try and put in a further update as soon as I hear more.

He was in good spirits right up until the time they shoo'd us away, joking and making light. That could just be whistling in the dark, but before we checked him in, he'd said that he was somewhat surprised, but he was feeling pretty calm and blase about the whole thing. We've gotten lots of information from a number of sources that say that open heart surgery is all but routine these days, and Rob and Dawn were already told that they'll be kicking him out of the hospital within 4-6 days, so we're feeling pretty good about everything.

At least the hospital has free wireless connectivity.
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We just had an associate of the surgeon come out and let us know that the surgeon is closing rob up now, and will probably be out of O.R. in about an hour. She wouldn't answer any specific questions, but certainly gave us the impression that everything has gone well, at least up until now. They'll let us know more once he's actually out of the O.R. and into the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, where he will be watched for a while before moved into recovery.
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He's out of surgery, in a recovery room. The surgeries went well, they took a big chunk of plaque out of one of his carotid arteries, the double bypass went well. At this point, the only concern is the possibility of having experienced a stroke during the surgery, but we won't know about that until he's awake, which is going to be another couple of hours. But at the least, he's off the table and in the recovery room, so lots of progress.
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He's still in SICU, and will remain there for (according to the person in the O.R. waiting room) approximately 24 hours. However, by the time we left this evening (about 9:30pm), he was much more awake and aware, and talking and interacting. He's all there, which is something I was worried about since the surgeon mentioned the possibility of a stroke having occurred during the surgery without their noticing. He's grumpy and in a lot of pain, but he was also very happy to have his family around him when he woke up. And he's still got his somewhat lecherous and twisted sense of humor, so I really do think that he's all there.

He'd been slowly waking up since about 5 or 5:30, and slowly pulling him off the respirator. As they got to the point where they were ready to take the ventilator tube out of his mouth/throat, they kicked all the family out, so that they could run some tests (at least some of which I suspect were cognative and neurological). We ran out and grabbed some dinner, then went back in to see him about 8:30, when he was fully awake, and while in a lot of pain, he was also very much there.

Sorry... I'm babbling. I'm coming up on 21 hours for today, so I'm going to go to sleep. I'm going in to work on Wednesday, but I've made arrangements to drive in and I'll go and visit him after hours, and post another update Wednesday night.

Thank you all for your good thoughts and support. I and my family, and especially Rob, all appreciate it.


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