Aug. 26th, 2008

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Ok, so my Dad called me last week, and told me that he needed to get a couple of arteries in his neck routed out. He had a similar procedure done to his legs a few years back. But first, he was going in for a stress test.

Went in for the stress test, and they found some stuff that made them go hmmm... And scheduled him for an angiogram, which was performed yesterday. Before he went in, he mentioned that they might also do a bit of angioplasty, to remove the blockage that they'd found. But, he told me that either he or my stepmother Dawn would call me back when he got out of the procedure, to let me know how it had gone.

This morning, I had the sudden realization that not only had the procedure been yesterday, rather than next Monday, I hadn't heard back from him. In addition, I realized that I'd had a moment of complete nothingness, and hadn't gotten any information about what hospital he was going to be in for the procedure. Called both his home and cell numbers, and coudln't get ahold of either him of Dawn (my stepmother). Left voicemail at both places, then started calling around to local hospitals to try and find him. Nobody had any idea who he was, and I started getting really scared. Started trying to get ahold of my stepsister to find out if she'd heard anything.

And then, just as I was sitting there trying to figure out what to do next, my cell phone starts ringing, and it's my dad, calling me back. He was at one of the hospitals that I'd already called, but apparently they had forgotten they had him or something. In any case, they'd kept him overnight, because the angioplasty that might have happened couldn't be done because the blockage was too big. They wanted to keep him overnight for observation, and until he could talk to his cardiologist. Who walked into his room as we were talking on the phone, so he told me he'd call back with more information.

He called back a bit later. Turns out that they're going to have to perform open heart surgery to fix the problem. They scheduled the surgery for Tuesday the 2nd of September, and they're letting him go right now. My stepmother and my aunt Janet are on their way to go get him right now, and as soon as I get out of work, I'm going to go stop by his place and see him for a bit.

And, I'll be taking Tuesday off to be at the hospital. I hate hospitals.

Gahhh!!! Oh, and just to add to the stress, we've got piles of people coming to our house on Sunday to help build a raised bed garden for Alyse's birthday... And the house isn't nearly ready for them. And Alyse and I scheduled to be at my Dad and Dawn's on Thursday night for dinner. GAHHHH!!!!!


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