May. 20th, 2008

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The Medis 24/7 Power Pack is the world's first UL and CE listed Fuel Cell for consumers. The 24/7 Power Pack is a portable fuel cell charger for Cellphones, Smartphones, Pocket PCs, MP3 Players, Hand Held Gaming Systems and other similar portable/wireless devices.

When a device's battery is running low or is discharged, The 24/7 Power Pack allows continued use of the device for up to 30 additional hours without the need for a wall outlet. It's inexpensive, convenient and portable.

Just Squeeze it! Plug it! Power it!

A fuel cell is an electro-chemical device that converts the chemical energy of a fuel into electrical energy. This is a clean, non-pollutant source of energy. In our case the energy source is powered by a patented proprietary fuel. When the fuel is depleted, there is no generation of dangerous, chemical reactants.

The Department of Transportation issued Medis a Special Permit (SP -14504) for the product so now users can carry up to 3 Medis Fuel Cells onto the airplane and use them in the cabin!

These are the only fuel cell to have this right.*

NOTE: This includes the Fuel Cell only. It does not include the required Power Management Cord or tip. The cord/tip for the Treo device comes with the Power Pack Starter Kit


WARNING: Due to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 49 this item is shippable only via Ground Service due to being an ORM (Other Regulated Material). No Next Day or 2nd Day Air nor International shipments are processed at this moment.


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