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As of last night, he was still in the SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit) but continues to made great improvement by the day. When I got there last night, he was sitting up in a chair in his room, and had been for about an hour. He stayed there for another 45 minutes, then a nurse and I helped move him back into bed. He stood there for a couple of minutes on his own (leaning on me a little more for balance than for support) while the nurse straightened out tubes and cables, then we got him into bed and comfortable. He's still in a fair amount of pain, but they've been giving him good drugs, and he's pretty comfortable for the most part. They've also removed a lot of the cables and leads that they've had on him for the last few days, and while there are still a number left, there's a lot less than there have been. They're still closely monitoring a couple of things, especially his blood pressure and his blood sugar levels (he's diabetic, for those who don't know) but both of those were much improved last night as well.

He's alert and getting cantankerous, especially since he's never been very good about laying around. But he's in good spirits, and we talked about book and religion, and Rob being Rob, he pulled one of the nurses into the conversation for a bit as well.

We don't know when he's getting out yet. The doctor had originally told him that he'd be out about 4-6 days after the surgery, but Saturday will be day 4. They haven't given him any warning yet about kicking him out, so I'm suspecting that he probably won't be sprung until early next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday.

Overall, for the fact that he just went through a double bypass and had a french fry sized (and shaped) chunk of plaque removed from one of his carotid arteries, he's doing pretty damn well. And for that, I am incredibly grateful.
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