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So, I will... sorta be at Windycon. I won't be purchasing a membership, and I won't be actually attending the convention itself. I will be helping set up a private party on Friday night, and then will be attending and staffing the Barfleet party on Saturday night, and then will be helping with the breakdown and load out of the Barfleet suite on Sunday morning.

All of which means that I will need to be at the Windycon hotel both Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday morning. I'd really prefer not to have to drive from Lombard Home on Friday night, then drive from Lombard to home on Saturday night, and then back to Lombard Sunday morning. As such, I'm hoping that some kind soul would have some crash space at the hotel or nearby that I would be able to rent out, since I'm not keen on the idea of shelling out for a full hotel room if I'm not actually going to be attending the con.

I won't need much... I can and will sleep on the floor if need be. I don't snore (at least, not loudly or often). I can sleep through pretty much anything, and I can be pretty damn quiet, so if you're coming in later than I, or I'm coming in later than you, it shouldn't be a problem either way.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know has or knows of crash space that I could avail myself of. And I'd certainly be willing to pay for a share of a room, as well. Just not interested in paying full price for a room that I'll only be using for a short time over two evenings.


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