Feb. 11th, 2008

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So, one of my clients has a business model netgear switch with 4 gigabit ports, two of which have failed. Netgear has a limited lifetime warranty on this particular model. So I called Netgear. I spent nearly an hour on hold, first talking to someone who confirmed that I was calling about a business model switch, then speaking to someone else who took the registration of the device, then put me into the technical support queue. And that's where the pain started.

After 20 minutes in the technical support queue, listening to (not bad) classical music, my line rang at the other end. Then, there was a click, and then silence. Then a few seconds later, another click... And the line went dead. At the time, I was calling from the client site. I spoke to my contact onsite, who ok'd me going back to my office to call them back. So back to my office I went.

Where I went through the phone tree, and got hung up on again, after 22 minutes and approximately 227 seconds.

Then I called back, figuring that they were having some issues, and I'd just have to try again. At which point, I was hung up on again... After about 22 minutes and 27 seconds.

As I write this, I've called back, and bullied my way through the home support division. They just put me into another queue. And someone just picked up and took my case number! And then, told me that they'd put me through to a technician. I fully expect to be hung up on again in about 22 minutes. But I've asked him to stay on the line with me, in case I get cut off again. However, it sounds like he's put me in the queue and disappeared again.

I'll see in about 21 minutes. I'm... A little pissed right now.


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